Exceeding financial technology
is our #1 mission

Our mission is to accelerate financial technology of the internet. Cyber-F is Japanese start-up and a technology company that builts fintech society.

Best Services


Not only we build crypt currency like Bitcoin applications, but also do R&D for the service to apply authentication, certification and scoring services.

Algorithmic Trading

Our algorithmic trading system can be automated the trading and economic forecast.

Payment Solution

We are able to consult regarding with payment apps of the advanced security and network. In addition, we support the introduction of payment apps such as stripe.

Cloud Consulting

We help to development ,design for the Serverless Architecture and moving to Cloud like AWS, GCP from on-premise.

Data Visualization for AI

As evolving AI technology, Data vidualization is important. We support data vidualization liblary like ApexCharts、Echartsm、D3.

Drone Technology

We aim to integrate UAV and cutting edge technology of AI/CLoud. We are developing autonomous control app for image processing, auto authentication..


We always realize perfect software solution

We Solve Software Problem

At Cyber-F, we develop fintech applications for our client. We introduce next generation technologies by using AI, Blockchain, UI/UX.

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We Build Valiable Products

We develop valiable products using our experience of our problems that we need to solve. We build complete, perfect and amazing product for our client.

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